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Expert drywall, abatement/remediation & insulation services in the North Peace.

About Us

Haab Ventures is your go-to contractor for expert drywall, abatement/remediation & insulation services in the North Peace. We are a fully licensed and WorkSafe BC certified team with a combined knowledge of over 20 years in the industry.

Our team is ready to tackle any project with the utmost confidence and commitment to safety.  From drywall and painting to asbestos abatement to lead and mould remediation, we have you covered no matter the size of the job. We utilize the most current abatement technology in the industry so you can rest easy knowing your project is safely in good hands.

Our Services

haab ventures - drywall installation and finishing

Drywall Installation & Finishing

We offer professional drywall installation and finishing services for residential or commercial projects. A seamless experience from boarding and mudding to taping and finishing in order to achieve a structurally sound, visually appealing space.

Whether it's walls or ceilings, our team has the experience on projects from homes and duplexes to apartments and commercial buildings.

haab ventures | asbestos abatement

Abestos & Mould Abatement

We have the knowledge, training and experience to complete any asbestos or mould abatement project and meet the most stringent health, environmental and safety regulations. Asbestos abatement, including vermiculite removal, is critical to healthy living & working environments. We also provide sampling of suspected asbestos or lead containing building materials, as well as hazardous waste transportation and reinstallation of building materials once your project is complete.

haab ventures | asbestos abatement

Vermiculite Removal

Vermiculite removal using a vec-loader vacuum system is the safest and most effective way to remove vermiculite from any attic spaces or cinder block walls. The vec-loader system uses a 2-stage vacuum set up with a main hopper for collecting the waste and a HEPA filtered 3 motor vacuum for powerful suction.

haab ventures | asbestos abatement

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Remediation using Laser Ablation Technology.

Our laser ablation technology is the go-to for lead paint removal and on steel or concrete surfaces. Using a 2000-watt continuous laser with a HEPA and carbon filtration vacuum system, it is first class for worker and client safety.

haab ventures | spray foam insulation

Spray Foam

Environmentally friendly lower carbon footprint spray in foam is ideal for insulating residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Increased heat/cold protection, vapour barrier and sound dampening.

haab ventures - insulation and vapour barrier installation


Insulation and vapor barrier installation are crucial components of creating an energy-efficient and comfortable living or working environment. Our top-quality insulation installation services help reduce energy costs and provide a consistent, comfortable space.

Skilled workmanship. Expert finishing. Guaranteed.

Our commitment to excellence ensures we provide top quality service that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for drywall installation and finishing.

We are proud to provide expert drywall and insulation installation services for home owners, rental properties, commercial/business and industrial clients.

Hazardous Materials Abatement



Leasehold Improvements

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Committed to safety.

Haab Ventures is committed to the safekeeping of our employees by maintaining a safe, sustainable work environment for everyone on the work site.

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